binary optionsBinary options trading is one other way via which you can make money. Instead of trading Forex, you can simply opt for binary options trading. It will turn out to be a very good decision if you have a working strategy. Bear in mind that Canada does not have any broker that offers binary options trading in the country. Be that as it may, you can register with binary options brokers operating from outside the country.

Best Binary Options Brokers

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1 IQ Option Canada
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50% Bonus
Proprietary platform
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Regulator: CySEC
2 Binomo
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200% Bonus
web, app platform
SpotOption terminal
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Regulator: IFC

Finding the best Binary Options Broker

You can find many reputable binary options brokers from outside the country. Just register on these platforms to start trading binary options. Make sure the broker is regulated before you register there anyway. Also, find out if the broker accepts binary options traders from Canada.

Binary Options Broker

You will need to go through a sign-up process. The sign-up process is usually very short. You will only need to fill a short form. The speed of the sign-up process is one point you may also need to consider before you register.

Tips for choosing a binary options broker in Canada

Before you choose a binary options broker in Canada, you should consider some of the tips below:

Check the maximum payout

The maximum payout matters. It is the maximum amount that the broker pays per win. It represents your percentage profit per trade. Some brokers offer up to 90% profit per win, while some other ones do not offer up to that. Market conditions and time of the day can also determine what the broker offers as a percentage payout per trade. If the broker offers a 90% payout, it means that you will earn $90 if you trade with $100.

Access to loss protection

One other feature to consider when picking a broker for your binary options Canada is the access to loss protection. A good binary options broker will enable you to set stop loss so that you will not lose your entire stake. Very few brokers provide such a service. You should look out for the one offering so that your fund can be protected.

Free demo account

binary options demo account

You should also find out if the broker offering binary options Canada offers a free demo account. The demo account will enable you to practice your strategy before using it for live trading. Some brokers insist that you deposit before you access the demo account.

You should not register with such brokers. Look for brokers that will give you full access to the demo account even without making any deposit.

Popularity of the broker

Before you start trading binary options Canada, you need to also find out how popular the broker is. You are better off with a broker with international status. A popular broker can be trusted to adapt to international rules in dealing with clients. You should also find our ability the customer base of the broker. If the customer base is huge, it is a sign that the broker can be trusted.

Easy navigation

You also need to check if the trading platforms very easy to navigate before you register there for binary options Canada. If you are a newbie in binary options trading, then you need a website that is very easy to navigate. If not, you will end up getting frustrated. You should only register on a platform that you can use easily. All the buttons and tabs you need for trading should be within reach and easy to understand. If the platform looks complicated, you should not register there for binary options Canada.

Quality of customer service

You should check if the binary options broker offers reliable customer service before you register there to trade binary options. The quality of customer service is very important. It does not matter if the platform offers a higher payout than others. You should still not register there is the customer service is very poor. Check for the available contact methods. Can you connect with them via email, phone call, or live chat? Is it also possible to communicate with the broker via social media? How quickly do they respond to messages? All these questions will help you to know if that broker is reliable or not.

Tips for successful trading

You need to choose carefully when looking for a broker for binary options Canada. However, the race to succeed in binary trading does not end with the choice of a broker. There are still many other things you need to bear in mind. For one, you should only invest an amount you can afford to lose. Also, you should not borrow money to trade binary options Canada. Put the right long and short term goals in place and also trade only when you are in a good frame of mind.


The tips above will make you a successful trader in binary options Canada. You will surely get it right if you follow the tips above strictly. Make sure you practice your strategy very well using a demo account before you go live.